The initiatives put forward by Share Alliance will comprise both those which can be implemented on a country-by-country basis, such as inter-generational rebalancing, and those which require global application, such as ‘stock for data’: but all people deserve to be treated as individuals, with respect and with their opportunity to achieve their potential in life, whatever that might be.

We look forward to engaging with international bodies such as the G7, the G20, the United Nations and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Meanwhile there is already progress in the field of inter-generational rebalancing:

in the United Kingdom, with the Junior ISA and Child Trust Fund schemes for young people in care, and in researching the effectiveness of the wider Child Trust Fund;

in California, where a new 'Baby Bonds' project is in development young people in care and those left orphaned by Covid-19; and

in France, which is also considering a similar scheme